Keeping link shape when moving a node


Please follow these step.

  1. From the samples provided open GoWpfDemo45 solution in visual studio.

  2. Open the SequentialFunction.xaml in editor

  3. Add go:Part.Reshapable=“True” for the LinkTemplate

  4. Compile and Run the solution then open “Sequential Function” UI

  5. Change one of the links shape as highlighted in the following image.

  6. Now reshape the link so that it appears something like shown in below image.

  7. Now deselect the link and Click on the node “Step4” and try to move it

  8. Notice that the link shape changes again. I want to maintain the distance between link points, always same after I reshape the link, while moving the node.

  9. Now again I want to achieve the same result when I save and load the diagram.
    Please suggest.

Another way to replicate the issue is I am facing is:

  1. Open the Sequential Function UI.
  2. Click on save button so that “Saved” tab appears with saved xml.
  3. Delete the content of the saved xml and copy - paste following
  1. Click on load button so that the diagram should display something as shown in below image
  2. Re-position the nodes and reshape links to match following.
  3. Now select the node “Step2” and try to move it.
    Notice that link shape changes again.

Well, of course the link shape has to change when you move one node, in order to retain the connection. But you can control how the Route recalculates the points by setting Route.Adjusting to a non-None value. In this case I think you want Adjusting=“End”.

If that is still unsatisfactory, you can override Route.AdjustPoints to do whatever you want.

Adjusting=“End” helped thanks,