Last few problems inside 1of 2 :¬)

I am struggling with the GoLabeledLink properties
I set these properties in goView1->NewLabeledLink
goView1->NewGoLabeledLink>GoStrokeStyle::RoundedLineWi thJumpOvers;
but new created links show Orthoganal and have a to arrow but they DONT have roundedLinewithjumpovers and they dont avoid nodes

I did a lot of searching for generic GoLabeledLink usage but most is all wraped up in userclasses so its hard to see whats going on (well for an idiot like me it is heheh)
I tried to create an eventhandler as i saw in some c# example ut it dont do anything :¬(

void goView1_LinkCreated(System::Object * sender, Northwoods::Go::GoSelectionEventArgs * e)
GoLabeledLink *l=dynamic_cast<GoLabeledLink *>(e->GoObject);

Thank you for all your help whilst im trialing this package It is so much easier for me to learn. and i am soon to purchase this product :¬)

Typo? You need to assign the GoLabeledLink.Style property:
goView1->NewGoLabeledLink->Style = GoStrokeStyle::RoundedLineWithJumpOvers;

Doh!! :¬)
I dont belive I got away with that compiling heheh
Works well now :¬)