LayeredDigraphLayout without nodes re-order

Hello Walter.

Can I used LayeredDigraphLayout for diagram layout without nodes auto re-order?
When I open a new node in my diagram, I need that this node will be opened under the last node in the same column.
Can I do that?
Thank you

Well, yes and no.

LayeredDigraphLayout is designed to re-order the nodes in each layer to reduce the number of link crossings. There isn’t a property that you can set to avoid that.

It is possible to do so by overriding some of the methods to avoid doing any crossing optimizations.

But even if you do so, there’s still no guarantee that a particular node will be positioned with the same X value as another node.

Are you sure that you can’t use TreeLayout? TreeLayout does support ordering of tree children.

I try to use TreeLayout at first, but I can't get the control that I want by using the TreeLayout.
I checked the other layouts and I think that LayeredDiagramLayout is the right choise for my application.
The auto re-order is the only open issue by using the LayeredDiagramLayout.
Can you help me?

I don’t recall off-hand what to override, but I would start with making ReduceCrossings a no-op.