Layout problem when adding a node

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but here’s the scenario in picture format:

#1. saved diagram, open it up, it’s layed out properly (links and + signs still a little wonky, but getting there)

#2 added a “Change attribute” node to the + sign between the send campaign (purple) and the end button… it goes all crazy

#3 save the diagram, and reload it, it’s back to normal.

I can’t quite figure out what is going on, it seems when i drop in a node, it gets all wonky, but if i save the diagram, and re-load it, it’s sorted out. Here’s a snippet of my code that does the layout, (it’s the same code that gets called when loading a saved diagram, as when adding a new node)

public void PerformLayout()
if (AutoLayout)
GoLayoutTree layout = new GoLayoutTree();
layout.Document = this.Document;
layout.Angle = 0;
layout.Arrangement = GoLayoutTreeArrangement.FixedRoots;
layout.LayerSpacing = 45;
layout.NodeSpacing = 40;
layout.Alignment = GoLayoutTreeAlignment.CenterChildren;
layout.Style = GoLayoutTreeStyle.Layered;

First thing to try is the serialization test that’s in the User Guide.

What do you do when you add that “Change Attribute” node?

It looks like maybe the ports haven’t been laid out correctly within the node. What kind of node class are you using?