Layout without crossing lines

We need to draw a diagram with around 50 nodes where we do not want to have any crossing between the GraphLinks. Does anyone know settings we can use for the layout?

That depends on the nature of the graph’s connectivity. It’s easy to have graphs that are not planar–in other words there is no possible way to arrange the nodes and route the links to avoid some links crossing each other.

Which kind of layout are you using? GoLayoutForceDirected isn't designed to try to minimize link crossings. GoLayoutTree does naturally, but if there are extra, non-tree structured, links, they are ignored and might cross other links and other nodes. GoLayoutLayeredDigraph does try to reduce the number of crossings, but it's not always optimal.

One can rearrange it easily so that there are no crossings anymore (by playing around for about 1 minute by dragging and dropping the nodes).

So what we really need is a feature to force: no crossings allowed.

Does GoLayoutLayeredDigraph give you what you want? Or are your graphs not layered?