Layouting and subgraph issue


I'm facing the problem, that my graph is not performing the layout if the data includes more than one group with node to group assignements.
What works:
- It works if no subgraphs are used.
- It works if all nodes are assigned to the same group.
Graph with subgraaph assignments of nodes to only one subgraph (two subgraphs "3400" and "3401" are in the data collection)
-> LAYOUTING ERROR - No error message - It's "just" the layouting which does nothing!
Graph with subgraaph assignments of nodes to more then one subgraph (two subgraphs "3400" and "3401" are in the data collection)
Goxam Version:
var myLayeredDigraphLayout = new LayeredDigraphLayout();
myLayeredDigraphLayout.LayerSpacing = 200;
myLayeredDigraphLayout.ColumnSpacing = 55;
myLayeredDigraphLayout.AggressiveOption = LayeredDigraphAggressive.More;
myLayeredDigraphLayout.LayeringOption = LayeredDigraphLayering.LongestPathSource;
myDiagram.Layout = new LayeredDigraphLayout(myLayeredDigraphLayout);
Is there anything I have missed?
I have already checked m the xaml and the c# code and compared it with the online samples. Can't find any diferences which could cause this error.

Try explicitly setting Group.Layout to null: Layout="{x:Null}" .

Thank you for your fast support. Where / How can I set the Layout to null?

I configured it now to use the LayeredDigraphLayout.
This is the group tempalte which is working (SubGraphs are NOT expanded):

<Border x:Name="GroupBorder"
Padding="4" >

As soon as I set the expanded to true I receive the result as described.

                   <golayout:LayeredDigraphLayout Direction=“90” />

Add to the Border element (i.e. the root visual element of the group DataTemplate):

Unfortunatly this doesn’t make any difference.

Same effect when the subgraphs are expanded.
Graph when I collapse the subgraphs:

I guess I don’t understand what the graph structure is and what you want to have happen. I was suggesting that you have the layouts ignore all Group nodes. That effect is what you get when you set the Group.Layout to null.

But maybe that isn’t what you want. Are your links connecting directly with the Group 3400 or 3401? Or are they connecting with Nodes that are inside either of those Groups?

The links are not connected to any group - just to nodes inside the groups. <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

So what’s the issue...

- The graph works very well - also in our productive environment.

- Now the requirement is to group the nodes (production parts) by our plants but also use a framework native layouting algorithm.

- as soon as we try to group / subgraph the nodes the layouting stops working

Simplified ..

What we want to do (finally these groups should be some kind of swimlanes, but we started with simple groups):

What happens when we try to use grouping (default collapsed group templates):

What happens when we try to use grouping (default expanded group templates):

Thakn you fro your help.


Is the layout that you get with groups when the groups are collapsed what you want? (For example, your second screenshot.)

How did you declare your Diagram.Layout? I’m wondering if its DiagramLayout.Conditions includes the GroupSizeChanged flag.