LayoutLayered and Undo

Hi I have wrapped the GoLayoutLayeredDiagram in a tranasction: goView1.Document.StartTransaction(); layout.PerformLayout(); goView1.Document.FinishTransaction("Layered Layout"); I run the layout and then try an undo. The links and nodes get repositioned but the labels from some links are not being positioned correctly. They are 'attached' to their links but have a very large height. LayoutForceDirected has the same problem. Thanks


The ProtoApp sample application doesn’t exhibit such behavior. I also tried a modified version of Demo1, and didn’t have any problems either. Did you customize the autolayout? Can you tell us anything else that would help us to reproduce the problem?


The autolayout has not be customized. However, the links having the problems were GoLabeledLinks but I replaced the midlabel with a Gogroup which has a Gotext and a GoPort (so I can link to it).


Do you need any more info or are you working on this?


If you can wait a few more days, we’re about to release a beta version 2.2.2 that will have that bug fix in it. If you can’t wait, or if you have to have a fix for version 2.2.1, send us e-mail.


Will await 2.2.2