Leave textbox with click in View get rubberband?

I created a form and put a GoView and a TextBox on it.
I created an event-handler for TextBox.Leave and in the handler I do a MessageBox.Show().
When I type something in the TextBox and then single-left-click in the view, the handler fires as expected and I get the messagebox.
Then when I click OK (or use the keyboard to clear the messagebox) and then move my mouse around over the view, it behaves as if I'm holding down the mouse and dragging a rubber-band box.
Without the messagebox, there's no problem.
Is this a bug? Or can I stop this behavior somehow? I do want the user to be able to rubberband when they mean to, so I don't want to disable rubberbanding.
My Northwoods.go.dll is Version
Thank you,
Jeff Hoover

try goview.Tool.Stop().


So does that mean that I’m running a beta version of GoDiagram and I need the final release version?

How do I get that?

It means you need 2.2.1 or later for the DoCancelMouse() to work in this situation.

The ProductVersion of my Northwoods.Go.dll assembly says