License issue - application does not run


We are using Northwoods.Go in an assembly and loading the assembly in a application. The license is not getting transferred from the assembly to the application. I tried adding the license to the application and still the application gives me errors. How should I resolve this error.


The license key has to be linked into the .EXE assembly. In other words, the LICENSES.LICX file has to be part of the project that builds the .EXE.
Or am I misunderstanding your situation?


I already have Licenses.licx file as part of my project that builds the EXE as an embedded resource.


Well, there are several things you can check:
Make sure the version numbers match exactly, in:

  • the LICENSES.LICX file
  • the Northwoods.Go.dll assembly used by the project at compile-time
  • the Northwoods.Go.dll assembly loaded by the application at run-time
    Make sure that Northwoods.Go.dll is in the Global Assembly Cache.
    Make sure the LICENSES.LICX file has one line for each kind of component you are using. I list all the lines you might use in
    You can also try running the Samples\BuildSamples.bat command file, in a Visual Studio .NET Command Prompt window. That also compiles and links license keys into the sample applications, so you can test to see if it can work at all on your development machine.