License Issue

We are trying to resolve some build/licensing issues for our group and ran into the following exception on a virgin machine. We are trying to avoid having to have developers who develop on our product, but are not in the user interface development teams to not have to install additional software. We put the Go libraries in a core project and have them properly referenced but keep getting this…

Can anyone point me to the licensing manual so we can figure out how to make this happen?

GoDiagram Win Introduction has the licensing info.

Yes, I found it…

So some questions, looking at the BuildSamples.bat file.

  1. Do I only use “exe” targets, or can I use assemblies? Can you show me the target def for an assembly?

  2. Your complist: show the license.licx file and a list of Go dlls, what is the purpose of the licx file?

  3. What is the min set of dlls (only using Go, GoView, no layout, or instrumentation) that I need to use in my complist:?

  4. Does the lc.exe merge existing licenses in the file into one, or should I send the output to a clean file and then cut/paste into the end license file?

  5. This is going to be used in an application, but is only part of a small set of project/assemblies. Is it better to license the app or the assemblies? How would you do each?