License Issue


In the GoWeb Suit of Control you use this property to set the

License string: Northwoods.GoWeb.GoView.VersionName ="XXXXX"; How do we do it with JGo Controls.


You don’t need to do that with JGo. There isn’t any standard licensing mechanism in Java, as there is in .NET.


The please do let know how to i get rid of the Evaluation Dialog boxes.
I had downloded the Evaluation Copy but now I have the License for it. Is there a different download for Licensed JGO.


Sorry lots of spelling mistakes int he above post, I guess Friday is creeping on me,
what i meant was i need to get rid of all the signs that a evaluation copy has, as we have got License for JGO.


When you purchased you should have gotten e-mail with the download instructions to get the non-eval kit.


Don Almeida