License key not working after upgrade to angular 15

We have configured gojs (v 2.1.50) key in main.ts as following in Angualr 12.

import {Diagram as go} from 'gojs';

go.licenseKey = '...YourKeyHere...';

This worked perfectly in Angular 12. However after we migrate Angular 12 to 15 it seems to break. Now all we can see is gojs watermark and no graph visible. No any javascript issues can be seen as well.

Is there anything else needs to be done to make it work?

Did you update any other libraries? Perhaps you shouldn’t have. See Code breaks after Angular 16 upgrade - GoJS - Northwoods Software (
But I don’t know if that post is relevant to your situation.

We have updated angular libraries and couple of other libraries as well. But didn’t update gojs libraries. Below are the libraries which we didn’t change during the migration.

“gojs”: “^2.1.50”,
“gojs-angular”: “^1.0.19”,

Unfortunately we don’t see any javascript issues to troubleshoot.

I don’t know what to say. If everything was working before, do you really need to upgrade to an incompatible version of Angular?

Sorry do you mean existing gojs version (2.1.50) not compatible with Angular 15?

I don’t know about version 2.1 of GoJS working with Angular 15, but I do not know of any potential problems. We know that GoJS in general has worked with each Angular version from 1 to 16.