Hi Everyone,
I have a problem with licencing that I can’t resolve. I want to distribute the part of my application that also contains Go Diagram code as a DLL. I’ve tried creating a licence file for the DLL but I now understand that this does not work. I’ve also tried embedding the licence file generated by the licence compiler into the EXE but I just can’t get it working. Is this configuration possible with Go Diagram?
The structure is this:
App.exe: contains one class with a main method which launches a form in App.DLL. Does nothing else.
App.DLL: contains main application code including GoDiagram stuff.


Yes, it should work if you put the licenses.licx file in the App.exe project. Any DLLs invoked from App.exe will be able to construct instances of GoView (or whichever component you are using and list in the licenses.licx file).


Thanks Walter - that did the trick! If all you need to do is embed licences.licx, what is the purpose of the Licence Compiler?


.LICX files are compiled by LC.EXE, the Microsoft License Compiler, to produce an object file that is linked into that assembly.