LightSwitch Extension anyone?

OK, we’ve been playing with Microsoft’s LightSwitch, building flowchart / workflow and orgchart extensions with GoXam. (see screenshots below)

Once you figure out the LightSwitch kinks, it’s pretty easy to drop a UserControl based on GoXam into LightSwitch as an extension. Â (The flowchart sample below, for example, is almost identical XAML and C# to the sample we ship in the kit.)

So… we’ve got this to the point where we can show you how to get started if you want to use LightSwitch with GoXam. Â

We’re looking for some feedback on where to go with this. Â Obviously, a raw GoXam control isn’t appropriate for the typical user of what Microsoft calls a “simplified self-service development tool”. Â Do people need a LS OrgChart, FlowChart, MindMap, BPM, network display, or perhaps something else?Â

We’re looking to work jointly with some early adopters to better understand the requirements of this unique environment.

Either reply here, or use to send us a note.