Limitations for load data in gojs diagram

Hey ,
Is there any limitations for loading data[node] in diagram model,because on adding 400 nodes data in diagram model my browser get hanged and an unresponsive script popup appears.

Are you using LayeredDigraphLayout?

General discussion: GoJS Performance Considerations -- Northwoods Software

while using TreeLayout

Really? TreeLayout is very fast, so 400 nodes and 399 links should not cause any particular delay at all. See, for example: GoJS Tree View. That does have a delay when creating all of the nodes and links, but the layout is fast.

If the delay is due to creating nodes and links, rather than to layout or some other problem, then virtualization might help, as discussed in the page about performance considerations. See, for example: Virtualized Tree with custom layout. But virtualization requires more programming and cannot be applied in all situations.

So I do not know what the problem might be. You’ll need to debug that to see what it’s doing then.