Link anchors hidden

In my diagram (and in the draggable link demo) after drawing a link the anchors on the link are becoming fully/partially hidden. Going through my code I’ve determined that the anchors are fully visible after UpdateRouteDataPoints in the PartManager, and then I don’t have any code after that which is accessed before or after the link is finalized and the anchors are hidden. The anchors become fully visible again if the link is de-selected and then re-selected.



What would be causing this? and how can I fix it?


What version DLL are you running on which platform?

Could you tell me more about how this situation arises?
Better yet, can you tell me how I can reproduce this problem?

It doesn’t seem to happen every time in the draggable link demo, but I’ve attached another screen capture from there that shows a link I drew that caused this to happen. You may have to draw a couple links from the node for this to happen, but you should be able to replicate it this way.

Hmmm, thanks, but I just tried it >30 times and was never able to see the problem.

I’ll see if I can come up with some scenario for this.
It appears as if the Link Adornment was being clipped to a smaller area than it should.

Have you been able to replicate this or determine what might be causing this to happen?

No, I have not tried since my previous post.

So what platform are you running on? .NET and Windows.

.Net v4 and Windows 7 x64

OK, well, so it’s not the operating system. But it still might be a driver problem specific to your machine. Do you have the problem on other machines?

It’s also odd that it only happens sometimes for you. I don’t suppose there’s any way for you to characterize/distinguish the times when it happens as opposed to the times it doesn’t?

In your app, does the user perform an undo or redo to cause this to happen?

Does it only happen with partly-connected links?

We have had this happen on at least one other machine, and it happens without and undo-redo actions. I can’t really think of any real difference between when it will and won’t happen for similar lines, but what I have found is:

  • It does seem to only happen with partly connected links
  • I haven’t had it happen when drawing a link up and left of the object (from either the left or top of the object)
  • Seems to happen most often when drawing a link from the side of the object to somewhere below the object