Link Behavior

Ok, I have a link question for anyone who can answer. I have two Goobjects with Gotext in them. The object is that the user can drag a link from object a and link it to object B( as to be expected I suppose). Now, the problem in the link behavior I am experiecing is that when the link gets closer to object B, instead of being specifically on Object B the link almost joins itself.
How can I prevent this behavior of the link. Any ideas would be appreciated.

??? What do you mean by almost joins itself?
Can you explain how to reproduce this problem in Demo1 or one of the other sample applications?

Thanks for replaying. Let me see if I can use Demo1 to explain myself better. Follow these steps.

  1. Drag the start and stop on to the Goview surface.
  2. Now start a link from the “start” and gradually move towards the “stop”.
  3. While you are dragging the link towards the stop, as the mouse approaches or is in the vacinity of “stop” the link wants to “join iteself”, instead of the mouse pointer being specifically on the stop object.
  4. The behavior I am looking for is that I want the mouse to be specifically on the stop before the link should complete.
    Hope this helps.

OK, I was confused by your use of the word “itself”, since I thought you were talking about it producing a funny loop.
The behavior you see, where a proposed link being drawn “snaps” to a valid port, is controlled by the GoView.PortGravity property. You could set this to have a small positive value, such as 10.

Excellent ! I have to say one thing, your guys documentation is much much better than other 3rd party tools I am using, such as Infra* somthing .
I forget the name of the name of that Infra* tool.