Link break always in gojs

When I draw, the line always breaks. I’m having this a lot in link drawings

How to solve this situation?

Override LinkingTool.doMouseUp to see if this.diagram.lastInput.documentPoint.y is close to this.temporaryLink.points.elt(0).y. If it is, set Diagram.lastInput.documentPoint to a new Point that has the same x value but the latter y value. Then call the super method.

So how do you capture how this linking direction is looking to what side. Right Top Left Bottom? Which?

Compare this.diagram.lastInput.documentPoint with this.diagram.firstInput.documentPoint.

where is the arrow lookin?
up down right left
I mean the direction of the arrow

eg looking up in the visual

Normally a Shape with a Shape.toArrow will be pointing in exactly the same direction as the route’s last segment.

I do not understand. Can you explain with a small code example.

You are asking about the direction of arrowheads on links, yes? And I said that they point in the direction of the last segment of the link route. Orthogonally routed links normally have six points, i.e. five segments.