Link Connection Point

Hi, I am new to GoDiagram so please help me out.

I am creating a graph in which nodes are connected with links (that's new right :))
I am using an auto-layout to arrange the nodes in the diagram, but my nodes (Iconic) have an enternce port on the left and exit port of the right.
The problem is that even when a node that is layed on the right side of other node the link between them is still going from the right side of the right node to the left side of the left node which result in a link which is very difficult to understand.
I would like the links to go from the nearest side of one node to the nearest end of the other node like this:
[N1] <-----<< [N2]
and not like this:
-->>[N1] [N2]>--
\ /
Does someone has a solution?

Ports can can be used in different ways. Some nodes use multiple ports for multiple distinct connections points with an apparent left / right (or up/down) direction away from the port. Some nodes use a single port which is connectable around the edge and appears to radiate from the center of the node.

You've picked a node that uses 2 ports, left and right side with "GetLinkDir" set to be away from the node.
Read the section on Ports and Links in the User Guide, there's a lot of detail there probably not worth repeating here.
For IconicNode... try this in Demo1.
in1.Port.FromSpot = GoObject.NoSpot;
in1.Port.ToSpot = GoObject.NoSpot;