Link flow over the node in force directed layout

I am using a force directed layout, and have 500 nodes and 2000 links, the links flows over the nodes making them hard to read, is there a way that all links flow the below the nodes, I saw a solution of setting layername : “Background” but i am not sure how and where to put it.

Thanks for the help !

Set { layerName: "Background" } in your link template.

Strangely it didn’t worked for me earlier, not sure why, .now it works, Thanks

Spelling matters. Always check the console window for warnings and error messages. It helps to use go-debug.js instead of go.js during development, although you have to make sure that all imports or requires or <script> elements refer to the very same GoJS library.

I am using gojs react how to import go-debug ?

As a relative path?