Link handles disappear

After long time of no problem I’ve come across strange behavior.
When I select a link in the diagram I see the link handles on each side for split seconds and then they are disappear. It looks as if the node get laid on top of them but I can’t be sure.

I’m not able to repro it in small application yet.

Thank you,

What has changed in your application?
Do you have any event handlers or method overrides that deal with selection?
Is the Link actually still selected after the handles disappear?

sorry for the delay.
It’s hard to say exactly what has changed.
We are handling selection and I’ll check around it.
The link is still selected and the selection handle is not disappear it is only hidden partially behind the node.

You can see in the upper circle the partially hidden handle.
At the bottom circle the handle is completely hidden.

OK, I can confirm it’s an issue in my application.
I’ve comment out handler of the selection and the issue is gone.
I’ll find the root cause and post it here.


I’ve done some more research and the result are not conclusive.
How is that possible that the selection handle of the link is shown behind the node and link?
I though the selection handle is added to the adorder layer which is the top-most layer.

Is this WPF? Which version of GoXam?

Did you get the e-mail I sent you?

Yes, GoWPF version which is from your latest email.

Yes, all Adornments are added to the “Adornment” Layer, which is in front of all regular Nodes and Links.

One relinking Adornment handle clearly exists but is clipped for some reason.
I don’t know about the other relinking Adornment, but I assume it exists and is completely clipped.
But I cannot explain that behavior – we will need to investigate.

Is there any chance you could reproduce the behavior with minimal changes to a trivial app or to one of the sample apps?

I try before I post the question here but fail to do so.
It’s so inconsistent that in the example I’ve took the screen shot above when I select one link the handle is clipped and when I select the other it is not.

I’ll provide you with any more information I’ll be able to collect.

Thank you