Link labels on link between groups

I have a node within a group that is connected to another node within other group.
The link has labels.
When i collapse the groups, i still see the link labels.
I thought that when a group is collapsed, it aggregates all links to a new link.

No, the link to the member node that is now not-visible (because the group is collapsed) now is re-routed to connect with the visible group. However the Link.fromNode and Link.toNode properties of that link have not changed, and that link remains visible.

How can i hide the labels ?
Implement my own code ?

Yes. I suppose you could implement a Group | GoJS API event handler to do that. Call Group | GoJS API. I don’t know if you want to consider any Links that connect directly with the Group.

I will.
BTW, no links are directly connected to the group.

By the way,
The link labels are visible by some modelData variable, namely :
new go.Binding(“visible”, “showPortName”).ofModel().
How can i combine it with other link data attribute ?

What other link data attribute?

For example, some Boolean data “isConnected”.

Yes, what do you want?

I have go.Binding(“visible”, “showPortName”).ofModel().
and also “isConnected” link data attributes.
i would like to bind a function that set the link visibility according to the “isConnected” data attributes and the model “showPortName” attributes.
I noticed that the function is fired only when the “showPortName” is changed, since it is related to “ofModel()”.
I would like that the function will be fired if either of the attributes are changed.

Use two separate Bindings.

For “visible” ?

Yes, if what you say is true, that you want to change the value of visible when either of those two data properties change value independently.

As a matter of fact i did try two bindings for “visible” before i reported , one with “ofModel()” and the second one regular and it didn’t fire the regular one.
I will try again.