Link Location in Tree Layout

If you don’t want it to be seen, you have several choices:

  • set Shape.fill to null and Shape.strokeWidth to 0
  • set its opacity property to 0.0
  • set its visible property to false, although this might change the link connection behavior

Since you don’t really need this Circle Shape to be the default port, I would remove the portId: "" assignment.

i tried :
var partInGroup = part.findObject(“someName”);
delete partInGroup.portId

Didn’t help…

So i did

Bingo !!!

No, I was suggesting that you change your template not to set portId at all.

But i need this type of connection (links behind nodes) for the network layout.

In general one should not be modifying the portId of an element dynamically. I suppose in this situation it might happen to work.

I see,
I will try to avoid that in future use cases.
Nevertheless, it is for me the “cheapest” way to use the group template for tree layout and network layout.
Thanks for the support.