I have a problem using the GoLink.

For example: In the FlowCharter-Sample, drag a condition (diamond) and an output on the view. The output is under the diamond (higher Bottom-Value). Now add a link from the bottom of the output to the left side of the diamond.

My problem is, that the distance / margin between the output-node and the “upgoing” link is very small. You can see that better if the output-node has a smaller “left-value”. How can I control that distance?



I believe there’s no easy way to control that now. You could override GoLink.AddOrthoPoints to do whatever you want, though, including just calling the base method and then adjusting the points afterwards.
Maybe we could add an overridable method that would help specify such distances.

Thanks for your Reply.

I already had that idea to do it “manually”.

When the link is selected, there are two points for resizing (modifying) this distance, using the mouse. Can you tell how to access these points, so I can do the modify “programmaticly”.



They are typically the middle two points of six. So could call GoStroke.GetPoint and GoStroke.SetPoint with a first argument of 2 or 3. Of course, you must check first to make sure there really are that many points (GoStroke.PointsCount) before calling…