Link position on subgraph expansion

Hello again,

From time to time, when I expand a subgraph, the links that go from a port on the subgraph to a port of a node inside the subgraph are not positionned correctly.

It looks like the end of the link connected to the subgraph remains positioned to where the port was when the subgraph was collapsed.

Moving the subgraph corrects the problem.
What can be done to have the links positionned correctly on expand ?

Is this because you are moving the subgraph’s port while the subgraph is collapsed or upon expansion?
If so, you’re going to have to either call GoLink.CalculateStroke (or in 2.5 UpdateRoute, which may be more efficient) in your override of Expand, or you can remove the particular link(s) from the GoSubGraph.SavedPaths property while it is collapsed.