Link problem

Dear all,
Though, this issue is naive, it has killed lot of time for me…Simple…A JgoLink drawn b/w two Iconic nodes is not visible… The iconic node is a custom one…this is the code
JGoPort srcPort = sourceNode.getPort();
JGoPort destPort = targetNode.getPort();
JGoLink link = new JGoLink(srcPort, destPort);

Please guide…Thx in advance

I assume this code is in a JGoDocument, so you are adding the link to the document. And I assume you haven’t made it invisible. And that the two nodes aren’t co-incident, so that there really should be a visible line between them.
Could you check the bounding rectangle, and the bounding rectangles for the JGoPorts, and maybe the points in the stroke, to make sure they are reasonable, given where you think the nodes are?

I played with the bounding rectangles and the visibility. Still, the links are not being shown… I’m surprised that when I’m writing the document to a XML, the tags related to JgoLink are appearing. Any clues?? Thnx in advance

I don’t know–this is about as simple as it gets, and lots (all?) of the example applications create links between ports on nodes.
If the user moves a node, does the link show up? Are you sure there’s no object in front of the links hiding them?