Link Shape

i would like to have links with the shape of the image below (blue link) : lines with curves in source and end of segment. I tried to obtain a link like this using the “LinkDemo” sample but i didnt’t get that. What link properties should i use?
Thanks for support!

That is the default behavior for Links with Route.Curve=“Bezier” and (either Route.FromSpot or the port’s go:Node.FromSpot)=“MiddleLeft” and ToSpot=“MiddleRight”. Of course it also works with other specific spots, and also with Spots that are “sides”.

Thanks Walter. I was not using “FromSpot” and “ToSpot” properties and the result was different

However it is yet a little different.
I used the following parameters:

<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> go:Link.Route
<go:Route Curve=“Bezier”

I would like to get a link with the start and end segments curved. What a get was a curve near the left node. If i change the Routing property to “Orthogonal” i get also one curve at center of the link. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks Walter

Routing = “AvoidsNodes”

Routing = “Orthogonal”

Don’t set the Routing to be orthogonal – neither “Orthogonal” nor “AvoidsNodes”.

Thanks Walter! It’s ok now!