Linklabel like GoDiagrams

is it possible to have link lablels like we have in GoDiagrams for .Net

What feature(s) are you looking for?

mainly that Linklabel has a sticky line (highlighted in image below) to it’s link and on moving the Linklabel the sticky line moves along the link

This is because we are trying to convert an existing app that uses GoDiagrams to GoXam

OK, that makes sense, since I assume you have no trouble defining the appearance or content of the label itself.

You are right that we do not have a sample demonstrating how to implement that feature, which depends on explicit drawing in WinForms/GDI+. I will look into it. In the meantime I hope you can live without that extra line. :-)

Thanks Walter, It is not urgent at this time but will become high importance for us in a couple of weeks.

Hi Walter, can you please help on this one

I'll send you e-mail with a partial solution.