Links between GoText

I'm using GoMultiTextNode to represent an entity. To show the properties of the entity I am calling CreateText method. My diagram has multiple entities and I need to show links at the property level. Can I have ports on the GoText items and create links between them.. if so how? Thanks

You can call the GetLeftPort and/or the GetRightPort methods to get the port(s) corresponding to a particular item in the GoMultiTextNode. For generality, such objects might not exist, and might not be instances of GoPort, so you will need to check and cast appropriately.
GoMultiTextNode mtn1 = …
GoMultiTextNode mtn2 = …
GoPort p1 = mtn1.GetRightPort(3) as GoPort;
GoPort p2 = mtn2.GetLeftPort(2) as GoPort;
GoLink link = new GoLink();
link.FromPort = p1;
link.ToPort = p2;