Links clipped on scroll


I’m seeing some corruption of links as I scroll my diagram. Anything that produces a redraw fixes it, but it seems that the link is clipping to bounds that cause the arrowhead to be cut in half. It happens apparently at random as I scroll, though if I see it happening, then scrolling up and down will eventually reproduce it.

The appearance of the links when clipped:

Using WPF Inspector I was able to select the “Link” element and see its bounds:

Evidently it is not correctly calculating this. If I do anything to change the visuals (which I assume causes an arrange to run) then it correctly calculates this.

One thing that might be related is that the links sometimes have a label (if there’s only 1 going into the shape), and this label is in this example set to Visibility=Hidden. It should therefore still be in the bounds of the link, but inspecting that should it is outside of it:

I’ve tried adding margins to link panels without success, my link template is as simple as I can get it:

Is there anyway to pad or add a margin that will work around this?


That’s very odd. Precisely what version of the GoXam library are you using?
Version 2.2.2 is current. Perhaps the latest version will have fixed this bug.

File Version of dll is, I only downloaded it a few weeks ago.

Scrolling just changes a transform, so the behavior that you report is very unusual. I will try to reproduce the problem.

Hi Walter,

One point that might help you reproduce this is that I have turned on virtualization using the sample code provided in the release.


Ah, that’s important to know.

Also, does the problem ever happen when the link’s label remains visible?

No, in fact when it happens, it happens to every single link on the screen, except those that have a label visible.