Links don't avoid nodes

Although my link routing in link template was set to go.Link.AvoidsNodes,
Links are psssing through nodes.
See pic.
Please advise,

Have you set avoidable to false on any Node? What about avoidableMargin?

First time i hear of the two…

Do you have any large Nodes in the background of those nodes that you show? Like a Group?

The nodes as seen are simple nodes, not group and are not so large

It’s just the one thin gray link, from the top-right node to the not-quite-bottom-left node that is crossing over other nodes, yes?

Does the route improve if you move either one of the connected nodes?

yes, it is the gray link.
The route does nothing.

I have no idea. Can you provide a reproducible case for me to debug?

Well, i went down and created a simple link template, attached in the pic, and right after that, created the links.
Also, ran thru nodes and set thir avoidable to true (see pic)
Same results…

Yes, I believe you, but that doesn’t help me understand or reproduce the problem.

Just to let you know that i don’t use auto layout, set the nodes location by “position” binding.