Links in SubGraph

The product version is GoDiagram Win 2.6.2 for .NET 2.0.

I have a Box class inherited from GoSubGraphBase. There is a Port on the top-left corner in this box. Nodes in/out of this box may have links to the port.

If a link is from a node that is outside of a box to a box, the link will stop at the box border. This is implemented now.

Q1: If a link is inside the box - from an inbox node to the box, I would like to make the link linking from the node to the corner of the box. How to make this happen?

Q2: Sometimes the links are on top of nodes if both nodes and links are inside the box. How to fix this problem?


can you upload screenshots? thanks.

<p:colorscheme colors="#FFFFFF,#000000,#808080,#000000,#BBE0E3,#333399,#009999,#99CC00">


Suppose to:
Node 1 and 2 are outside of the box and they link to the box. The links are stopped at the closest border of the box. Node 3 is inside the box. The link between node 3 and box is pointed to the top-left corner of the box.

Link 1b and 2b works. But 3b finds its closest border also; it displays as the red dashed line instead of 3b.


Right now the port is located on the top-left corner of the box, the port size is very small relative to the box. Port.FromSpot = Port.NoSpot = NoSpot.

I guess that 2 ports maybe used instead of one. One is for the out box nodes and FromSpot=ToSpot=NoSpot; the other is for the in box nodes and FromSpot=ToSpot=some spot.

It’s acting like a BoxPort, which is what the SubGraphApp sample uses in CustomSubGraph class.

Is that the SubGraph class you started with?

It is started from Box class in Demo. I will look at SubGraphApp.

Thank you!