Links Nodes


I have a little problem. We do a Bowtie diagram. In this diagram, some of the nodes must be visually linked not to their parent but to the link between their parent and the parent of the parent.
Is there a way to do that ?


Yes, you can appear to link Links to Links by using link label Nodes. For example: Links To Links sample.

Also, the Genogram sample makes use of this. That includes a custom TreeLayout, which works as long as the family is effectively tree-structured.

Thanks so much Walter. That’s help a lot !

Another question : is it possible to use a TreeModel (only nodeDataArray) instead of a GraphLinksModel ? All my code is based on a TreeModel (the doubletree with some left and some right content from a root node).

That would not be a true tree structure. You need to use a GraphLinksModel.

If you want to appear as if a link is connected with a link, then you need to have a Node act as a label on a Link. That currently can only be done in a GraphLinksModel where there are separate link data objects that can hold references to label nodes. (Actually, it’s a JavaScript Array holding the keys of the label nodes.)

Ok. Thanks for your quick answers.