Links not always spread for GoboxNode

the code for my node:
Namespace Node_Link_Demo
Public Class InfoNode2
Inherits GoBoxNode
Public Sub New()
Me.PortBorderMargin = New SizeF(1, 1)
Me.LinkPointsSpread = True
Me.Port.IsValidDuplicateLinks = True
Me.Size = New Size(50, 50)
Me.Resizable = True
Me.AutoRescales = False
End Sub
the links is overlaped from same link point:
What I need for my application should keep the links spread correcttly always like following :
Walter and Jake or anybody else , Could you please give me any ideas ?

I’ve been trying to reach you by email to see if you are a customer or still evaluating. If the email in your profile isn’t correct, please update it. And please use your company email if you have one.

I have updated my company email. Could you please give a response. thanks

You’re setting Port.FromSides and ToSides to be top,bottom, right?

Is that a single link with a arrowhead for a MidLabel?

I did not set Port.FromSides and ToSides . and the link is the link in the demo project.

and the Sample of infoNode2 in demo have same issue. It just happened some time when we drag it from lef side to right side .

Please find the attached video, then you could see the operation and issue . can not upload .rar file , I have send you by email.

OK, seems like there is a real issue here, but not one I see a quick fix for. I’ve put some time on my calendar next week to dig into this.

Thanks for your response and hard working. Look forword to hearing good news from you.

Hi Jake,

Could you please kindly tell me is there are any progress for this issue. I am still waiting for it for my application. Thanks for your time.

Sorry, not yet. I was planning on working on it today.

Thanks a lot. The new release you send me have resolved the issue.
Best wishes!