Link's toolhandle display bug


I noticed a display bug about the link’s toolhandle in our software. We look at the Goxam demo and the same display bug can be reproduced.

I opened the WPFDemo and I’m able to reproduce that bug :

I found 2 situations that I’m able to reproduced it :

Situation 1 :

  1. Click on Mid
  2. Zoom in or zoom out
Situation 2 :
1. Click on Mid
2. Drag the red section (look at the red ellipse on the screenshot)
3. Drop everywhere you want
How can I solve that problem in our software ?
Thanks for your help !

I’m sorry, but I cannot reproduce that at all.

Do you observe the problem with the unmodified GoWpfDemo app? How about on other machines?

Sorry for the late response,

Yes, it is with an unmodified version of the GoWpfDemo !
It happens sometimes with the Silverlight Demo on your domain (, but I’m not able to reproduce the exact sequence on the Silverlight version. I will search deeper for the Silverlight version.

And with the others machines, my working partner will answer you here, on this post !

Just to be sure, on my previous post, I said “Zoom in and zoom out” in the second situation. For the zoom in/zoom out, I use Ctrl + Mouse Scroll.


What version are you using? We did fix such a bug a while ago. I don’t remember exactly which version it was, but I could find out.

We are using the latest demo version on your site (2.1.1).<div =“ugdv_contextMenu” id=“ugdv_myMenu” style=“display: none;”>

  • Open in Google Docs Viewer
  • Open link in new tab
  • Open link in new window
  • Open link in new incognito window
  • <li =“ugdv_seperator”>
  • Download file
  • Copy link address
  • Edit PDF File on

Here is a video to show you the second situation to reproduce the display bug.

I recommend that you use version 2.1.5 of the DLL, available in a ZIP file at our downloads page.

Yes, the dll version fix the bug !

Thanks again for your help walter !