Loading xml file problem


I have the following bindings for the node reader/writer


t.AddBinding("pid", "customID")
t.AddBinding("kind", "Kind")
t.AddBinding("text", "Text")
t.AddBinding("pos", "Position")
t.AddBinding("size", "Size")
t.AddBinding("color", "Shape.BrushColor")
t.AddBinding("tooltip", "ToolTipText")
I have this property for the node:


Public Property customID As String
Return mycustomID
End Get
Set(ByVal Value As String)
mycustomID = Value
End Set
End Property

I have no trouble assigning a value to all of the properties mentioned in the reader/writer, they are even saved in the xml file but when I load it back the only property to not be accesible through the goInfo js (or loded into the view) is customID. Any ideas why that could be?

Are there any Trace messages on the load?

None, it loads just fine… Just doesn’t bring up the new property. When I modify it for the first time I can get its value with the js goInfo function, then I save and can still get the value with the js function but when I load the file is when I have the problem.

What if you just click in the GoView? Does that simple refresh in the browser cause you to see the customID? (i.e. is it just the first time the diagram is displayed after load?)

No, it’s not only the first time. It’s taking the default value that is assigned in the ‘OnKindChanged’ procedure.

It’s as if the reader hadn’t been asgined the binding which allows it to read the value upon loading. But reader and writer are one together so I have no clue.

oh… it sounds like a simple order of operations problem then. Set customID after you set Kind in your Xml bindings.

Dunno how I didn’t see it before, thanks!