Lock nodes in position

I’m attempting to create a diagram with hyperlinks on each node that can be clicked. However I need all the nodes to be fixed in place with no user interaction, or repositioning.

I’ve tried using diagram.isEnabled = false. This locks the diagram in place with no scrolling, but then the hyperlink does not work.

I’ve tried using diagram.isModelReadOnly = true and diagram.isReadOnly = true. This allows the hyperlink to be clicked, but now, the diagram can be scrolled.

If you don’t want the user to scroll or pan, set Diagram.allowHorizontalScroll and Diagram.allowVerticalScroll to false.

You probably also want to set Diagram.allowZoom to false too, or else they can “scroll” by zooming out at one point and zooming in at another.

FYI, https://gojs.net/latest/samples/absolute.html demonstrates these settings (although it also lets the user move and copy and delete nodes).

That works really well for my implementation. Thanks.