Locked links should not be draggable

If i have 3 nodes A,B,C
and if link between a and b is locked then if i drag A, B also should be dragged simultaneously…but not C even link exists

if A,B,C are locked and if drag any one node then all three must be draggable

i am new for gojs…

You need to override DraggingTool.computeEffectiveCollection to decide exactly what should be dragged given the current selection. DraggingTool | GoJS API

There are some examples of doing so in the samples, although for different purposes – search the samples for “computeEffectiveCollection”. Read about extensions: Extending GoJS -- Northwoods Software

If you are new to GoJS, I highly recommend that you first read Get Started with GoJS and then all of the pages of the Introduction, starting at GoJS Introduction -- Northwoods Software.