Mac Drag Drop Broken

On Mac OS X, dragging a JGoObject will produce a copy action rather
than a move. The mouse modifiers imply a key is being pressed
when there is none being pressed. Holding down ctrl while
dragging gives the desired behavior.

This is how the demo apps work out of the box and I’ve attempted to fix
the issue in my own code without any luck. Is JGo simply not
supported on the Mac, or is there some way I can get it working?


We are having problems related to this as well.

I know that Macs (or apps built for macs) often simulate mouse buttons 2 and 3 by a mouse 1 press + shift/control. i don’t know if this is still the case with OS X.

could someone at JGo please explain exactly how and why the shift and control keys have been “hijacked” in JGo when it comes to mouse button mechanics?



Take a look at the definition of JGoView.doMoveSelection. You’ll notice the following code:
// temp fix for Mac OS X
if (System.getProperty(“”).equals(“Mac OS X”)) {
copying = !copying;
I’m not sure what’s going on, but I believe that this was needed for earlier versions of Java on the Mac. Perhaps it is no longer needed, or perhaps it is still needed but the system property has changed.
Of course, it is possible that the behavior you see is unrelated to this code…

I’m fairly certain that it’s related. The system property is indeed “Mac OS X”.

Either that code is not present in the evaluation copy or it isn’t
needed anymore. Either way, I believe this solves my
problem. Thanks!

I’m having this problem too -
I can see the code snippet in question but I can’t figure out how to override the method or work around it. And I’m not sure it’s actually the problem.
Did anyone get this working?