Make table using several ListGroup


I’d like to make a table by combining several GoListGroup. Can anybody give me some hints on how to do it? Or is there any better way to acheive this? Thanks a lot!


Well, in version 2.2 you can easily have a GoListGroup that contains instances of GoListGroup, whose Orientation is the other direction from the container GoListGroup.
However, that might not get you the effect that you want, because the positioning of each item doesn’t depending on the corresponding items in the other list groups. In other words, the items in the inner list groups won’t naturally line up going the other way, unless they are all the exactly the same size.
It’s easier to define your own GoGroup subclass that defines LayoutChildren to do exactly what you want. It’s on our list of things to do some day, maybe in the release following 2.2. I know several customers have implemented this already for themselves.