Make text unaffected by Zoom

I’m have a diagram I am displaying in a GoView, and I’m trying to come up with a method to display a scale indicator in the bottom right-hand corner of the GoView.

When I scroll around the view I'd like the scale indicator to stay in the same position relative to the bottom-right corner of the view.
I also want the text etc. in the indicator not to scale when the user zooms into the diagram.
I can maintain the position of the indicator, but I'm stuggling to find a way to make the text stay the same size.
Is there anyway to create such an indicator on a GoView so that its contents are not affected when the user zooms in/out?

First, why don’t you use a regular Windows Forms control, instead of a GoObject in your view?

Second, assuming you really do want to use a GoObject, you can update the GoText.FontSize as the GoView.DocScale changes, by implementing a GoView.PropertyChanged event handler and looking for a change to the “DocScale” property.