makeImage resolution not sufficient

Hi is there a way where I can use the Diagram.makeImage to give me a high resolution image , so that the texts are readable , the resolution doesnt matter , it can be as high as high as possible .

my imageData code

var img = myDiagram.makeImage({
background: “white”, //NO I18n
maxSize :new go.Size(Infinity,Infinity)

this gives me a complete image but the size of the image is small so that I am not able to read text.

I would prefer a image and not a SVG, thanks

What happens when you increase the scale option?

this image is with scale 2

this image is with scale 5

I am not getting any difference

Have you read and ? Why did you show the same image in your post for both cases?

this is the code

var img = myDiagram.makeImage({
background: “brown”, //NO I18n
maxSize :new go.Size(Infinity,Infinity)

i dont think increasing the scale is causing any difference to the image , thats why I posted both the images (one image was with scale 2 and the other was with scale 5) as a reply to

it seems maxSize :new go.Size(NaN,NaN) , instead of maxSize :new go.Size(Infinity,Infinity) worked but now I am not able to get the complete image because NaN points to (2000) default size, if i use Infinity scaling is not working

var img = myDiagram.makeImage({
		background: "brown", //NO I18n
		maxSize :new  go.Size(NaN,NaN)


Hi is there anything I can do to work this out ?

I was unable to reproduce the problem before when using size: new go.Size(Infinity, Infinity), and I just tried it again in a different diagram. And it worked well again. This is the code I executed:

  function makeImage() {
    var img = myDiagram.makeImage({
      background: "brown",
      scale: 2.5,
      maxSize: new go.Size(Infinity, Infinity)

where the new DIV element was defined by:

    <div id="myImageDiv"></div>

and there is no styling applied to that DIV element.

Furthermore when I look at the two images that you created with scales of 2 and 5 and infinite maxSize, they look fine to me – the text is quite large and sharp. Not in this forum, of course, where the image elements are automatically limited in size to fit.

So I believe you have some problem in how you are handling the resulting image. That’s not a fault of GoJS.