Making changes to overview


Is there an easy way to make changes to an overview without making changes to the diagram that it is observing? For example, I added padding to my diagram that I do not want in the overview. The overview has its own properties like padding, but they seem to be protected and I cannot change them.

Thanks for your help.

You can set various properties on Overview, because it’s just a Diagram. But the document bounds computation that you are asking about is overridden, implemented especially for the Overview class, so as to show the whole observed Diagram. And it keeps it up-to-date as the observed diagram’s document bounds changes.

You could allow temporarily changing the zoom by setting Overview.autoScale = go.Diagram.None. Then your code or the user could zoom the overview as they pleased. But when the observed diagram changed, the overview might not automatically adjust the zoom (i.e. Diagram.scale) the way that you want.