Making only of the child GoText editable


In my application I have a GoNode containing multiple child GoText objects ( say gotext1 , goText2 added to gonode). When I call gonode.DoBeginEdit(view), I am observing that first GoText child (gotext1) is becoming ediatable. Is it possible to override this behavor? I would like to make only one child GoText editable and rest as non-editable irrespective of their order of addition to parent. I tried making IsEditable false for text objects which I don't want to be editable. But it is not working. Remember I want to call DoBeginEdit() on parent and would like to designate only one of the GoText object as editable and rest as non-editable.
Could you help us to reolve this?

GoNode.DoBeginEdit calls this.Label.DoBeginEdit(view).

You just need to point Label at the text you want to be editable. If you can’t do that for some reason, override GoNode.DoBeginEdit.