Managing links between GoSubgraphs


I am witnessing problems with links connecting with elements residing in different subgraphs(GoSubGraph instances) . Assume that I have a GoNode object in subgraphA connected to another GoNode instance in another Subgraph say SubgraphB. I am adding the link connecting between them to one of the subgraph say subgraphA. Now the problem is , if I select Subgraph and move it, the link is not getting updated and it is painted as broken. This link is redrawn correctly only if I move other connected element residing in other subgraph. How can I handle this scenario so that links beween subgraphs are updated even if either of the subgraphs are moved by the user.

A link connecting nodes in different subgraphs ought not to be a child of either subgraph. Instead it ought to be owned by the common parent, or else be a top-level object if there is no such common parent.

User-drawn links are automatically parented correctly, according to this convention.
So I assuming you are adding the links programmatically. You can get the same effect by calling GoSubGraphBase.ReparentToCommonSubGraph.