Manual Update For Overview

I’m using the overview control to display an overview for a diagram as its being edited. Not all changes are showing up correctly as they are changed, but will show up when the entire diagram is reloaded. For example resizing nodes on the diagram will not show up and changing the colour of the lines on the diagram also won’t show. However moving nodes and lines as well as adding them will be updated.

I’m also having trouble when a diagram first opens, sometimes the diagram overview will not show up at all until a new object is added at the edge of the screen, forcing an event that seems to trigger the bounding box to be redrawn.

Is there a way we can better link the overview to correctly show updates or a manual force updates when the diagram changes are applied?

The Overview will only show those changes that are reflected in the observed Diagram’s Model. So that might explain why you don’t see some changes as they occur.

I know we have fixed some Overview initialization problems for version 1.3.2, and another one that will be in version 1.3.3. What version are you using?

For the changes is there any way I can apply these to the diagram model or force a reload when a change occurs?

For the initialization I’ve tried several versions including 1.2.6 and 1.3.2 but the problem only seems to change slightly.

I’ll send you a link to the 1.3.3 DLL, which we should be releasing soon.

Looks like that’s sorted out my initialization problems but I’m still need to get the overview to update when I change the sizes of nodes and colours of lines, ect.

That’s good to hear.

Regarding updates in the Overview, it’s still your responsibility to make sure such changes are reflected in the model data, so that the elements in the Overview can see them.

I understand its my responsibility but I’m unsure how I can take code that currently makes changes to what I see on main diagram and correct it so it applies the changes to the model on the diagram.

For most properties, such as the fill color of a Shape that is modified by some command that you have implemented, you can just make sure that the property has a TwoWay data-binding to the model data.

For the Link.Route.Points collection, this is a bit more complicated. But a number of the samples support saving/loading that list of points in the model data.

But other benefits of making sure the information is stored in the model data is that persistence is simple and that undo/redo come for free.

I’ll give that a try, thanks for the help.