Members added to a group don't share it's zOrder/layername/position

I have created a group of blocks that stick to the left edge of the diagram (i.e. horizontal scrolling) using the ViewportBoundsChanged event, however, when I add members to this group, the members tend to scroll independent of the group. Is there way to make sure that the added member nodes become a part of the group so that they also stick to the left edge during horizontal scroll?

That depends on how your “ViewportBoundsChanged” listener is implemented.

Yes, member Parts have their own Layer, independent of the Layer of their containing Group. You could automatically change what layer a node is in when they are added to or removed from a group by implementing

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “change the layer”?
I have already tried marking the member’s name as “Foreground” but the zOrder is not set and the members still don’t behave as if they are a part of the group.

The listener for “ViewportBoundsChanged” looks for the group based on Category and sets the part.position .

Call Part.move or moveTo on the Group so thhat it also moves its member Parts.

Thanks that works.