mergeNodeDataArray does not seem to merge in my group location


I have a group with a location on a Binding it has its own layout. When I update the location on the group and using mergeNodeDataArray the group moves the first time along with its group members. But the group location does not update the second time I use mergeDataArray.

As far as I know the data going in to mergeNodeDataArray is correct, I check that the group has the the new location when going into mergeNodeDataArray but in the the location Binding I get the old location (after the first successful move.)

I can’t figure out why the new location for the group is not merged in mergeNodeDataArray. Any helpful pointers?


GoJS version: 2.1.23

Does your Group have a Placeholder in it?

If so, then the location of the group is determined by the collective area of the group’s members. Assigning the location won’t have any effect. If you want to “move” a group, you can call the Group.move method.

If not, then it should have worked, because the location of the group is independent of the locations of its member nodes.