Move GoDiagram as Google map


Is it possible to move goDigram view like google map. I mean to say grabbing the whole view itself from mosue like in google map. Thanks in adavnce.

See this entry.

Note, it isn’t “just like google maps”, in that it still requires a round-trip to the server, so it doesn’t drag in real time.

If you want that, you can get that, but you need to be using our Silverlight based GoXam for that kind of in-browser interactivity.

Awesome. This complete my project requirment. I have one more query, can we have slider control for ZOOM IN and out options.

Is there a web based slider control? If there is, I would assume you could use javascript to wire up the events from it to send the same zoom commands as a zoom button would in one of our samples.

Thanks Jake. Can I change cursor image as hand when i am dagging this object.

We’re not talking about GoView here, correct? You asking about the slider? Yes, you can change the cursor in javascript.