Move the nodes closer to each other

i want to construct diagrams with multiple nodes but the represantation is somehow ruined , any suggesttions!!!

Could you describe more precisely what you want instead? I assume you are asking about the diagram layout, not about the size or appearance of each node.

i want to reduce or control the links size because when i use Uniform as initialAutoScale value the diagrams looks too small

and, using the None value waste too much space
i would like to get nodes in the center with meduim links(length

So you want to move the nodes closer to each other? What are you using for your Diagram.layout?

Exactly ,
I’ve tried all these; TreeLayout,ForceDirectedLayout,LayeredDigraphLayout and CircularLayout but always the same issue

If you use ForceDirectedLayout, you can set some of its properties so that nodes are closer together. Maybe:

        defaultSpringLength: 10,
        defaultElectricalCharge: 50

You can play with the properties and their values until you get reasonable results.

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